New Journey, New Me. Here’s to 25!

I’ve recently decided to start truly focusing on myself and figure out what it is exactly that I want to do in this life. I just recently turned 25 (April 10th-aries in the hizzzouuussseee 😂) which oddly enough I feel older and yet younger than my actual age….is that normal? Until this point I’ve always felt older never younger…ohhh I also decided to say I’m on level 25…it just sounds much more exciting and I’m a super nerd who loves gaming so there’s that too 😆


I’m beginning to want things more, not necessarily in a material type aspect but I want more quality life experiences… I want to grow as an individual, I want more knowledge, I want a companion whose walking with me not in front or behind me. I want a family and to build a foundation I am proud of. I want to explore and I believe I’m beginning to crave wanderlust. I feel as though the first 25 years of my life have gone by in a flash and while I know I took some things for granted I want to do more with the time I do have and appreciate more. Relax more. Smile and laugh more. Let go of the shit I can’t control and dive deep into this craziness and chaos we call “LIFE”. 

I want to stop waiting around for people. I let myself get caught up in what I think love should be like and wait. I am always waiting and I am done with it. I’ve always been the one to wait and to chase. Never have I had someone chase me back like I do. (Not in a creepy crazy person way, more like I get caught up in the person I love and I am almost always let down.) I need to just go do things on my own and make my life more fulfilled MY way by doing what makes me happiest. 

I will be hiking more this year, to new places I’ve never been and I have decided if I do it alone then I will see how far I am willing to go to challenge myself. (Pictures, location, and my experience will definitely be documented in case anyone wants to go to these places too.) I will be camping more this year. (Again, I will make sure to give reviews of camp site(s) and experiences plus pictures)

I am not just going to let time pass as I watch and expect something to happen that simply won’t without my own action. Ive sat on the side lines for too long. I’ve been reserved for too long. 25 is my year. Its my year to find out exactly who Rikki is and see the world with eyes wide open. 

I am going to my first Reiki class in June and will be level 1 certified after. I know I’ll probably love it and I have an amazing teacher. I will be going until I become a Reiki Master. I need school. As I said I’m craving knowledge and I am doing A LOT of internal healing from years of burdens and with the knowledge I’ll recieve I will be able to heal not only myself more effectively but also help others heal in so many ways. 

I love helping people and animals so this form of healing will be quite beneficial not only for myself but with work, friends, and family as well. I work with many special needs dogs. I call them special needs because they need more than other dogs. Perhaps they need trust building due to past abuse, or they need a grounded, firm, yet gentle human who won’t allow them to act like a jerk and expect them to behave accordingly. What I do makes me passionate about rehabilitation in all things; human, animal, even plants. So learning even more about energy and chakras I feel I’ll make an even bigger impact on my clients and future clients.

So here’s to 25 and beginning my life.


Down to the Nitty Gritty

meInstead of a long and lovely introduction to myself I figured that I will just dive right in to the nitty gritty. I can always type out an introduction later I suppose. 

I will forewarn that I will be writing this mostly for myself but I hope that with my…what would you call them…hmm… I guess entries..sure lets go with that, my entries may prove helpful, insightful, they may offend you, maybe they’ll inspire someone. Whatever the case may be I am letting whoever reads this know that it may get dark, it may be light and fluffy, it could get funny, sad, and/or everything in between. Just bare with me. I needed a place where I could put down my thoughts, stories, ideas, etc. quickly and with the hope that maybe my struggles and lessons in life can help another person out there to deal with their own struggles or what have you more easily. 

It will get spazzy and random that much I do know and can promise. Some things may start on one topic and trail off into another as I let my fingers glide over the keys on the key board and my passions and thoughts seep through. I simply ask you keep an open mind and if anyone has a question or anything please by all means do not hesitate to ask me. I genuinely mean this. I can be confusing as shit.

OHHHH yeah there will be cussing….

Anyways this is my intro sort of entry to start off my blog. Knowing me…I will probably go back and change things later…I can’t help it…its what I do. 🙂