Meeting Kodi

kodi blue panda

I’d like to introduce my little man, my favorite snuggle bug, and the little soul I get to love on every day. This is Koderous Von Lichtenstein, Kodi for short because his full name is absolutely ridiculous and I love it. He just turned 6 this year 🙂 Yes! He is in fact dyed like a blue panda right now. NO it is NOT cruel NOR does it hurt him. I am a professional and know how to do these dyed techniques. It is safe for his skin, hair, and health. I would not harm any animal. I used PET SAFE dye.

(Manic Panic is ok to use on pets there are also other pet safe dyes out there as well as food coloring. I recommend finding a professional if you use manic panic, food coloring is ok at home though.)

**I will warn you food coloring can rub off on light surfaces so apply at your own risk**

This little dude is such a character and is sometimes too smart for his own good. He is a Schnauzer. (Both of his parents were schnauzers but I believe he is a schnoodle- schnauzer poodle mix.) Not because he is white–yes there are in fact white schnauzers– but more so because his coat is not like a typical schnauzer its very poodle like. Either way I like to mess with my clients and tell a select few that he is a very rare albino schnauzer. I crack up and fess up that he is just a plain old schnauzer but their reaction is HILARIOUS.

Funny story though: I actually had someone who had just adopted a schnoodle try and inform me that someone had told her there were white schnauzers but she knew that there is no such thing as a white schnauzer. I giggled and  then informed her that there is such a thing and I own one. She looked quite embarrassed . I got a kick out of it.

So this little dude is pretty smart but kind of a douche bag. Don’t get me wrong I love my dog like he is my child. I can read this dog like a book. He can dance, sit, shake with both front paws, he can high five with both front paws (he knows the difference between a high five and shake), and is excellent at calming me down when I have anxiety or a panic attack. He was never trained to assist with those he just naturally does it. It always blows my mind when he just knows that I need someone. I don’t believe I will ever have a stronger connection with any other dog I will own. I am not kidding when I say I love my dog like my child. I would fuck someone up if they messed with my dog. Momma Bear would come out and it would NOT be pretty. That being said my dog is an asshole. He is leash aggressive. I got him when he just turned one and I have never been able to break this habit unfortunately. He is also a barker. Not all the time but he’ll letchya know when someone comes in the house. He has broken 3 bark collars. Yes you read that correctly THREE FRICKEN BARK COLLARS! He will get them all up to the highest setting of shock and keep going. I HATE the bark collars but I tried them to see if they would work. They don’t. He actually managed to loosen ALL the wiring in one just from shaking his head. I’m tellin ya he is too smart sometimes.

I tell people he has doggie tourrets and they seem to understand. I am not by any means “making fun” of people who do have tourrets at all. I genuinely believe my dog has a form of doggie tourrets. I am not sure that it’s even a thing but Kodi proves it very well could be. He will sometimes bark at nothing even after you tell him to stop. He legitimately can not help it. He even closes his eyes after he does it as if hes saying “oh shit sorry!!!” I typically ignore it because I am so used to it at this point but it does get annoying. He is a terrier-ist( haha get it terrorist, terrier-ist lol sorry bad groomer joke). As much as I hate to say it if I hadn’t taken him I think he would’ve hoped from home to home because he has those bad tendencies. I love the little dude even with his flaws. He brings a smile to my day even if he caused the frown in the first place. I firmly believe your adopting of a pet is a life time commitment. You made them a part of your family it is YOUR responsibility to keep them in your family and to care for them. They didn’t get a choice. They don’t have a voice. Its your job as their guardian to be just that a guardian. 


Anyways, that my little duder. He normally has a full body mohawk but I decided we’d grow him out and per my boyfriend’s request he became a panda. Blue was not the initial choice but I couldn’t get my hands on black dye.