An Avocado: Yay or Nay?! Part 2


Ok so a little while back I began my random test of eating an avocado a day for a couple months to see if I notice any difference in my complexion, hair, and any overall changes within my body to see if there is an actual difference. 


Results after approximately 26 days:

  • My hair has become noticeably thicker!
  • My hair has a bit more shine to it
  • My skin all over is a little bit softer
  • I still LOVE avocados
  • I have discovered a new way (for me anyways) to eat them

So I have since been to see my hair stylist about a week ago now and she immediately asked me if I started taking vitamins for hair,skin, and nails or biotin. I told her no and explained I had been eating an avocado a day for about a month and asked if that could make such a noticeable change. She said YES! Both of us were super excited because while I have a lot of hair its thin and for it to thicken up a decent amount in such a short amount of time with something so simple is pretty fucking awesome. Also I don’t “shed” nearly as much. I have always had a decent shine to my hair and have always received compliments for it but  it now has an even better shine which is nice. My skin all over my body has also become a bit more soft. I’m not sure that this is due to the avocados or the fact that I have started to put on almond oil before bed vs. my regular favorite lotion but either way I can tell my skin is much much softer. Perhaps its a combination of the two….most likely the case.

I have been asked if I have gotten sick of eating avocados yet and my answer is NO WAY JOSE!!!! While I have had a day here and there where it was a bit difficult to eat I discovered a new way to eat them to just throw in a change up for myself. 

Avocado Change up:

add lemon juice, a dash of salt, and a hint of pepper. (for spicy: added a TOUCH of cayenne pepper)

Ok, I know… while it seems like a no brainer, HELLO RIKKI OBVIOUSLY THAT’S THE START OF GUACAMOLE, I didn’t think to add that but man oh man mixing those things together in the casing of the avocado and just eating it like that it was AMAZING!!!! Definitely a new favorite. So all in all, my results thus far…..


IT WORKS!!!!! 


***if you decide to try this out as well please consult a doctor if you have any medical issues or concerns. Also please send me your results, I’d love to hear what other people discover too!***


An Avocado a Day: Yay or Nay?!



That is all I can say when I think of these delicious fruits! I have always been a relative healthy eater. I love salads, fruits, veggies, etc. As adults my sister and I have decided that our mother used reverse psychology on us as children. The reason being is she ALWAYS had bowls, and I mean BOWLS of candy all over our house growing up. One in the kitchen, one on the kitchen table, and a couple in the living room. I mean you gotta have choices right?! Well somehow she managed to get us to LOVE with a passion our fruits and veggies. Instead of going for those delicious Twix bars we’d run to the fridge for a bowl of grapes. Fricken weird right?! I have no clue how that woman did it but I am glad she did.

Well recently (about 2 weeks ago) I decided I wanted to eat an avocado a day for at least 2 months just to see if I notice any changes to my skin, hair, and overall body. Plus I just REALLY love avocados so it seems like a good idea. I have done this for about 7 days now and I haven’t noticed too many changes yet but I have noticed my hair seems to be a little more shiny. I will continually update this with dates and amount of avocados consumed and any results I notice. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below! 👇👇

I have done a little bit of research and provided a link to the RELIABLE websites below in case anyone else is interested in some facts about these delicious fruits!


I have not consulted a physician about this so if you decide to try this I recommend asking your doctor if you are unsure or have any further questions. And NO this is not the only thing I am eating. I am eating my normal meals, this is not something like Super Size Me or anything like that. I am NOT a nutritionist either so again if you have further questions other than those about my own results and experience I HIGHLY recommend consulting a professional.