All Things Considered…

With all the things I’ve seen going on in the news, around the world, and with myself I’ve been thinking about this….

You never know what is going on in someone else’s life. You never know if that negative you just said to them or at them was the push that shoved them over the edge. You never know if that compliment or positive comment just saved them from that jump. Perhaps that hug just stopped an anxiety attack. Maybe the smile you just gave at that random person just made their whole day lift. Perhaps your advice just helped a person take a step in the right direction for the first time in who knows how long even if that advice was hard to hear. Maybe standing up for yourself or someone else encouraged another to do the same.

Consider your actions, words, and the effect you can have on someone.

Not everything is peachy, and not everything is so damn depressing.

We all need someone at some point, I feel as though thats simply human nature. We are not; as unfortunate as it is, able to read minds. You can’t assume you’re friends or family know when something is wrong with you if you don’t let them in or ask them to talk. Its a line of communication you have to open.

We all assume too much and communicate too little. I have done this to friends and family and vice versa.

No one is perfect. We are all human, simply trying to get through our day to day. Live in the moment and try not to let life break us down completely yet try and allow it to raise us up.

We aren’t perfect. We can aim for progress rather than perfection. That to me is a step in the right direction.

Instead of becoming pissed off that someone isn’t talking to you and assuming everything under the sun consider asking them whats going on in their lives. Ask them if they are upset with you. It could be that they simply are caught up in their day to day and its not that they have forgotten about you or dislike you in any way shape or form. Instead of being mad THEY didn’t take that first step to communicate why don’t YOU? What’s stopped you from picking up the phone and doing exactly what you’ve wanted that other person to do?

Make the action. Put in an effort. Don’t take everything so personally and open those lines of communication. All things considered it could be worse so why not start the beginning of something better?



(the photo above is a photo I took on a hiking trail in Fort Collins, Colorado in Fall 2014)


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